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Voatz & Caucus FAQs (or what we know so far)

Where are our packets? They are available now!  Please text David Kyle and arrange to pickup at his home address sent via email.
How does preferential voting work?  Watch this video:
When do we get admin access? Hopefully within the next couple of days, Parl has requested access for our Thursday night meeting so we can do a walk through together.
Does every volunteer need their own login? I heard in training today that any volunteers on the list will get issued logins, but they can use the same login if needed so don’t stress if you get late volunteers, just let them use yours if needed.
Will we be able to revert to paper ballots? We are being told yes, but it is unknown how the paper ballots will be counted and submitted yet.  They might need to be entered into the Voatz app after the fact.  We’ll know more tomorrow night for our training meeting.  It is my understanding that we will be able to do a hybrid as well, allowing some voters to use paper and submit to volunteers to enter into Voatz, while others can simply use their apps.
How many volunteers will we need? County leadership estimates 1 volunteer for every 25 people expected. They also suggest 2 to 4 volunteers just to manage the electronic voting.  Please keep in mind that registration will also be going through the Voatz admin system so all volunteers will need Ipads, Androids, or laptops to register and help with the voting process.  It will be important to use volunteers with the capacity to use technology.  I’m bringing my 16 year old daughter to help out. We hope to review this in Thursday’s training.

Helpful Links

Pre-Registration, Pre-Filing for candidacy, Voatz App
Utah County Voting Maps
Check for Utah Voter Registration and VoterID retrieval
Utah County Republican Party
Utah State Republican Party

Upcoming Events

Caucus Host & Volunteer Training & Review

Come pick up signs for your precinct and review the needs of your Tuesday meeting.

Freedom Prep Academy – 1761 W 820 N, Provo
March 15, 2018 – 7:00 pm in the Library

Daily Voatz Training

Voter Training webinar info (12:00 pm & 8:00 pm):
(641) 715-3580
Access code: 800560

Admin Training webinar info (12:40 pm & 8:40 pm):

Caucus Night

Various Locations
Registration – 6:00 pm
Meeting – 7:00 pm

District Officers

Chair David Kyle 801.615.1532
Vice Chair Parl Johnson 940.435.9251
Education Officer Cory Hansen  801.703.0554